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Text Box: Chilion Stephens

Text Box: Edward & Phebe Stephens

Text Box: Lucy Stephens

Text Box: Elizabeth Stephens

Text Box: Julia Stephens

Text Box: Jonathan Tuthill Stephens

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Text Box: Upon the death of his daughter in 1832, John Thomas donated part of his farm to the township to form a
public burying ground.  He gave an adjacent parcel to the Presbyterians who built a church there in 1837.
Although nonsectarian, the cemetery became known as the United Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  All but
seven graves date from the nineteenth century.  One of Southfield’s first settlers, Isaac Heth is buried here. 
The last interment was my Great Grandmother, Margaret O. Stephens in 1926.
Pioneer Cemetery is located on Lasher Rd just north of 10 Mile on the east side.
Also see the Coventry Crest website

Text Box: Lewis & Lucy Hyde

Text Box: Elizabeth Tuthill

Text Box:         Margaret O. Stephens                        William C. Stephens

Text Box:        Isaac & Betsey Heth                              Harriet N. Heth

Text Box:          George G. Stephens

Text Box:         Thomas Stephens

Text Box:      Edward Stephens Jr.

Text Box: 1872 Plat Map

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         Elizabeth Stephens—Lucy Stephens—Julia Stephens—Caroline Stephens—Charlotte H. Stephens  
           Margaret O. Stephens—Lewis & Lucy Hyde—Daniel Russell—Daniel Michael—Chilion’s Children 
                  Richard Jessup—John Harmon—Thomas Cooper—John Cooper—Trowbridge—Lowe

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Southfield Cemetery

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To All that have Family or Friends buried here; I would like to encourage you to
e-mail me a sketch in writing what you know and if possible include a photo.
I will verify & post within twenty four hours.
Thank you in advance.

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Also see the Coventry Crest website